Nothing Phone 2 – The Most Exciting Smartphone of 2023

The much-awaited successor to the Nothing Phone 1, the Nothing Phone 2, has arrived with a bang in 2023! Available in both elegant White and sophisticated Grey versions, the question on everyone’s mind is whether it can live up to the excitement generated by its predecessor. Let’s dive in and explore the numerous changes that come with this new release.

Unboxing the Unconventional: A Look Inside the Nothing Phone 2

Prepare for a different kind of unboxing experience as we delve into the intriguing world of the Nothing Phone 2. The packaging itself is a departure from the norm – a flat, square box in either White or Grey, a shift from last year’s Black and White offerings. Opening it reveals a transparent, unique sim card tool, indicative of Nothing’s commitment to innovation.

Nothing Phone 2

Notably, the Type C to Type C cable is also transparent, adding an extra touch of intrigue to the unboxing process. The package contains more surprises, including the phone itself and other essentials.

Design and Aesthetics: Nothing’s Signature Touch

The Nothing Phone 2 boasts a distinctive design that catches the eye. Compared to its predecessor, it is slightly larger in size, with a flat, non-rounded frame. The back panel’s glass is elegantly curved, giving it a polished look and feel.

The glyph lighting, a hallmark of Nothing’s design language, has undergone an evolution. While the Nothing Phone 1 featured a single glyph, the Phone 2 boasts an array of 11 glyphs, enhancing the visual appeal. The camera module has doubled, from one to two, showcasing Nothing’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of aesthetics.

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In-Hand Experience: Size, Weight, and Ergonomics

Grasping the Nothing Phone 2, you’ll immediately notice its sizeable presence. Comparisons with its predecessor reveal slight increases in both width and size. Weighing in at 225 grams, it carries a substantial weight that hints at its premium build. The initial assumption of 207-208 grams proves incorrect as it registers at 203.2 grams, placing it within the 200-gram range.

A tour around the device reveals the strategic placement of ports, buttons, and microphones, accentuated by the transparent aesthetic. The solid metal frame showcases antenna lines, while the top houses a noise-canceling microphone, and the left side holds the volume rocker.

Durability Tested: Resilience and Sturdiness

Despite its elegant appearance, the Nothing Phone 2 proves its durability. A drop test confirms its resilience as the Gorilla Glass 5 protection shields it from damage. A reassuringly solid construction assures users of its robustness, setting the stage for an intriguing teardown.

Display Delight: Bigger, Brighter, and More Dynamic

Comparing it to its predecessor, the Nothing Phone 2 takes a step forward in display innovation. With a larger 6.7” LTPO display, boasting FHD and 120Hz resolution, the refresh rate dynamically adjusts from 1Hz to 120Hz. The peak brightness of 1600 nits, coupled with HDR10+ support, ensures a visual experience that surpasses the Nothing Phone 1’s capabilities.

Powerful Performance: Specifications and Variants

Under the hood, the Nothing Phone 2 delivers impressive performance with an 8GB RAM base. Featuring the same processor optimized over the past months, it comes in multiple configurations: 8GB RAM + 128GB storage, 12GB RAM + 256GB storage, and 12GB RAM + 512GB storage. This diverse range caters to varying user needs.

A Premium Proposition: Pricing Update

The Nothing Phone 2 signals a shift in pricing, starting from Rs 45,000. This price increase reflects the substantial upgrades in features and performance. In comparison, its predecessor, the Nothing Phone 1, debuted at Rs 32-33,000, underscoring the premium positioning of the Phone 2.

Battery and Charging: Incremental Enhancements

The Nothing Phone 2 houses a 4700mAh battery, supported by 45W wired and 15W wireless charging capabilities. It’s important to note that the box does not include an adapter for charging, requiring users to purchase one separately.

Immersive OS: Thoughtful Design and Functionality

Nothing’s engineers have left a significant imprint on the operating system of the Phone 2. Noteworthy improvements include customizable widgets, a black-and-white icon pack, and meticulous attention to detail in app design. The OS carries an array of features that set it apart from competitors, making the user experience truly unique.


The Nothing Phone 2 arrives with a myriad of changes and improvements over its predecessor, cementing its position as an exciting contender in the smartphone market. With its innovative design, enhanced display, powerful specifications, and thoughtful OS enhancements, it’s poised to capture the attention of tech enthusiasts and users seeking a premium smartphone experience. As we delve further into its features and performance, one thing becomes clear – Nothing is pulling out all the stops to deliver a captivating and distinctive smartphone experience.

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