6 Tips to Reduce Bounce Rate of your Blog OR Website

From the nascent stages of internet, blogging has developed into a much more broader and useful information sharing tool. There is a huge population of web blogs on the internet but not every blog is a success owing to various factors. Most blogs attract users on its main page but fails to capture their attention resulting in high bouncing rates which means most users leave the blog after reaching the parking page which is usually the home page.

Google is now penalizing blogs for having high bounce rates, because it gives an indication to Google that a particular website/blog is not providing useful content to their visitors and that’s why most visitors leave the blog/site after visiting the landing page. It also indicates that a blog/website is providing irrelevant content to their visitors. Successful blog owners understand the fact and make sure users spend more time on the blog by navigating to various pages of the blog resulting in high content readability and low bouncing rates. One of the most important factors affecting bounce rate of website/blog is page speed, because people like websites having faster page speed, and to achieve this speed you need a better web hosting service provider. Are you interested in fast reliable VPS hosting? If yes, then visit DotBlock.com for more information.
Here is a list of tips and tricks most new bloggers can incorporate in their blog structuring and design to make sure user stay on the their blog for a longer period of time resulting in low bouncing rates and high dedicated web traffic.
1) Have an Impressive Tagline
First impression they say is the last impression. Having an impressive tagline is one of the most innovative ways to build user curiosity of the content and the constitution of the blog. Blog administrators and webmasters must make sure that the tagline is not only catchy in its title and appeal but also gives an overall picture of what the users would find in the blog making sure that users can relate to the content of the blog in the wider scheme of things.
2) Focus on Impressive Layout and Design
There are virtually thousands of different layouts and blogs designs that are used by a vast majority of bloggers. Having an impressive layout and design not only enhances the esthetic appeal of the blog but also makes sure that users can easily navigate the blog and find it easy to stream across various web pages of the blog easily in a user friendly manner.
3) Related Articles and Links
One of the most effective ways to reduce bounce rate is to provide related or relevant articles/pages at the end of every post. After reading a particular article, chances are, reader might be interested in reading some more useful content if he find any related article below the post. He might click on another article which suits his choice, idea or any particular topic that he might want to search. Thus, it reduces bounce rate to a great extent.
4) Content is King
Irrespective of whether the blog is a new publication or an older existing blog, having good content is the key to avoid bouncing of traffic. While blog administrators may employ search engine optimization and other keyword centric approach to bring initial traffic to the blog page, a blog devoid of meaningful and focused content can lose all the visitors increasing the bounce rate of the blog enormously. Focus on developing useful and user friendly content remains one of the biggest tips to increase user readability resulting in low bounce rates and high unique web traffic.
5) Offer Clear Navigation
No one likes a haphazardly designed blog. Even the most dedicated users may find it a turn off to navigate a poorly drawn blog. Having a user friendly navigation mechanism along with a website map can make sure that most users can reach the content of their choice with ease without having to browse a number of unwanted pages to reach the content of their choice.
6) Coloring and Fonts

Last but not the least having a user friendly color combination and easy structured text fonts can make sure that users stay on the blog for a long time and not find it difficult to read the text as well as have issues with the color combination of the blog. The use of very bright and very dark colors along with special fonts or difficult to read fonts is not advised for they may appear to look good to look at initially but can result in a very high bouncing rate owing to their unfriendly status for regular users.
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